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Specialist car air conditioning specialist G-Mac Auto Centre is approved by Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) as air conditioning installation operator in Myaree, WA.

Hot weather is a great reminder to get your car air conditioning inspected, however be sure to ask about G-Mac Auto Centre winter Specials for Air Conditiong Service. Make an air conditioning appointment in Myaree or call G-Mac Auto now!


Myaree Air Conditioning Service

Our mechanics carry out all procedures that comply with regulations. As an ARC authorised repairer, G-Mac Auto mechanics have the latest industry training in automotive air conditioning and we can deliver a first class service without compromise, using our modern service appointment and quality car air conditioning brands like Jayair and OEX. Since the air conditioning refrigerant handling laws get stricter each year, so ARC approved workshops are audited regularly to ensure the observation of strict set of rules, safe work place, quality control, as well as protection and sustainability for our environment.

Just like any other mechanical system in your vehicle your Car Air Conditioning system requires periodical inspection and professional mechanical maintenance at least every 12months. G-Mac Auto mechanics can check your air con equipment for leaks, component wear, blockages and operating efficiency.

Myaree car air con service by G-Mac Auto Centre Car Air Conditioning Service in Myaree WA 6154


Car Air Conditioning Setup

Your car air conditioning filters pollutants and airborne dust particles to keep clean air inside your car, creating an odour free and pleasant environment regardless of the conditions outside. To keep to optimum condition, the car air conditioning system should be run at least once a week. This is especially crucial in winter as when usused, the seals within the system can dry up and shrink, potentially costing more in new parts and repair when it breaks down.

A car air con system consists of four basic parts - a mechanical compressor (driven by the engine), an expansion valve (a restriction the compressor pumps against) and two heat exchangers (the evaporator and the condenser), with refrigerant fluid circulating through the system.

Your air conditoner is designed to move heat from the inside of your car to outside and bring cold air in. By analogy, it functions similarly to a refrigerator, and since it operates outdoors under stressful conditions, it requires regular maintenance - just like any modern technology that contains many parts.
You should bring your car in to a qualified car service workshop regularly to ensure the air con is running at it's top condition, as well as have the mechanics inspect the condition of the whole vehicle. Repco Authorised Car Service mechanics perform a 62 point Safety Check with every service to alert you about the items that may need replacing in near future and the ones that are worn down beyond repair. Call us now or book an air con service online!


The lead up to Summer and the warmest season itself is often a very engaging time for your car's air conditioning system. Typically people plan road trips and festive season escapes, often overlooking necessities like air conditioning system until the last minute.

Inspect your car's air conditioning system at G-Mac Auto and you can have peace of mind knowing that the warmer months ahead of you will be handled well by your car's air conditioning unit.


G-Mac Air Con Service Myaree WA



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